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Cambria CART is currently seeking buildings that we can use in an emergency that can house small animals.  The building ideally should have some open space.  It may or may not be heated.  We have all of the necessary equipment for opening a shelter we just need some space.  Cambria CART will take all precautions to protect floors, and walls.  Our goal is to locate a building in each municipality that will be close to Red Cross Shelters that may be opened in an emergency.  People and pets do much better in emergencies if they are located close to one another!!  Click here to read an article about CART's role in the evacuations in Harrisburg in September 2011.  If you are able to provide a space for a shelter in an emergency, please complete the form on the Volunteer Information page.

April Meeting of Cambria CART:   April 12, 2012      6:30 PM       @ 911 Center, Ebensburg

March Meeting of Cambria CARTMarch 8, 2012  6:30 PM @ EMA building.

February Meeting of Cambria CART
  February 9, 2012     6:30 PM  @ 911 Center, Ebensburg
January Meeting of Cambria CART:      January 12,2012     6:30PM 

Steel City Pet Expo:  June 30, 2012     Monroeville, PA   Click here for info 


Purpose of Cambria CART
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The purpose of the Cambria County Animal Response Team is to provide a team of trained members to support preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery for emergencies affecting animals, and to act as a resource for the Cambria County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and the Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team (PASART) when animals are involved in emergencies.

 The goals of the Cambria CART are coordinated with those of PASART and are as follows:

    • To facilitate a prompt, effective response to any emergency affecting animals in the County of Cambria (and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania);
    • To decrease the health and safety threat to humans and animals;
    • To minimize the economic impact of emergencies affecting animals;
    • To prevent or decrease the spread of disease;
    • To minimize animal and human suffering during emergencies affecting animals; and  
    • To educate the public on topics related to animals.

    Pennsylvanis State Animal Response Team                                                                                                                                   Pennsylvanis State Animal Response Team

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